Take your music to the next level. Add clickable icons, that can take you to another page, listing details, song credits, and ordering specifications. Click the images below to jump to that album or the player to listen to mp3 samples.

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Rock On!

In addition to offering client''s a striking website to sell their products and services, your website can have the functionality to market and sell music and/or any audio via the web. To play audio samples over the internet, you must use an mp3 player. Below is an example of using this player.
( Note: Music below is copyrighted material by Duane Belotti )

Goldbrothersmusic.net, a music production company, that uses music samples to sell its talent through a list of original jingles and songs, uses this type of component. To view the Goldbrothersmusic's listening station, click here

Enjoy the music samples below!

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