Model A Fitness was a fitness gym that offered the most of the same amenities as the larger chains, but at a fraction of the monthly cost.
Turn Back Time Poster
Celebrating "5 Years Strong" in the business, the client wanted a lot to go into his clubs celebration promotion. Advertising had to include the day of the celebration, giveaways, and a signup promotion for the day of the event. This was a very large promotion that included different vendors for the day, posters, handouts, lawn signs, including email blasts and updates on the company website.

Bootcamp Poster
Many gyms offer Bootcamp Classes, but this design is in your face. This poster stands out reminiscent of the old “I Want You!” poster of the WWII era. Using a drill sergeant''s hat and uniform, this piece screams for you to sign up and get fit. Using army block letters and shooting the subject low, gave the impression of looking up. In addition, this is the actual trainer, giving it even more impact.

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