Sample Projects

BioReference is a leading player in the Genome health & medical industry. One of their many divisions is GeneDx, which specializes in looking for markers and deconstructing DNA to find cures for various diseases. The Trade Show booth uses the elements of a tree and Helix of DNA to connect all the different types of cancers-identified by the ribbons that are listed and hanging from the branches of the DNA tree. Each cancer ribbon has a specific color associated with it. The Zebra is a branded element and gives a nice texture to the edging of the side panels. It’s clean and simple design, connects with the audience, and conveys its message that is viewable at a distance.

Presperse is a supplier to the cosmetics and personal care industry. They distribute specialty raw materials from worldwide sources to various companies to create their own consumer product. The Presperse trade show booth used the “Skin CPR” theme from a magazine ad promotion. I designed all the support materials for the SCC Cosmetics Suppliers Day trade show launch, which included lighted banner roll-ups, email blasts, transfer decals for illuminated bar and pillars, tabletop product displays, product sheets. This booth was one of the most well-received at the show.

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